Central Office

Sales and administrative departments:

Technical Office

Technical department and Depot of agricultural supplies:
  • Contact person: Agricultural engineer Carlos Germena
  • Address: Avenida Oscar Coego Nº 941
  • Town: Teodelina, Santa Fe (Rep. Argentina)
  • E-mail: cgermena@permingeat.com.ar

Foreign trade

International sales department for Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • Contact person: Gustavo Iglesias
  • Address: Calle Cuesta 6 - Salamanca (Spain)
  • Tel. +34 685 112 780
  • E-Mail: export@permingeat.com.ar

Stock plant in Santa Fe

  • Contact person: Gerardo Costa
  • Address: Zona Rural San Marcelo
  • Town: San Marcelo (Teodelina) Santa Fe (Rep. Argentina)
  • E-mail: estacion@permingeat.com.ar

Stock plant in the province of Buenos Aires

  • Contact persons: Gerardo Costa y Nicolás Armentano
  • Address: Zona Rural Fortin Acha
  • Town: Fortin Acha – Leandro N. Alem . Provincia de Buenos Aires (Rep Argentina)
  • E-mail: fortin@permingeat.com.ar

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