Permingeat Family

Fulfilling our agreements since 1969

Permingeat is a family business which was founded in 1969 by Alejandro Luis Permingeat with the idea of creating something different as to quality and commitment to clients in the Argentine cereal sector based on direct and friendly dealings.

Mr Permingeat followed at all times the two premises of always providing quality and respecting the commitments acquired by keeping promises.

These basic ideas have been handed down for three generations which has meant that the company has gradually grown and expanded all over Argentina; it has become a point of reference and one of the leading companies in the Argentine cereal sector.

Fulfilling the commitments acquired is so important to our company that it is a slogan of ours which is part of our logo; we proclaim that we have been “fulfilling our agreements since 1969”.

The importance of providing quality products is based on the fact that above all we are farmers and therefore we know the country intimately and how to get the best from it.

We are located in the province of Santa Fe, the cereal area par excellence in a country internationally known for its long-standing agricultural tradition which is Argentina.

The company has land of its own and modern installations in which to receive, classify, and store grain. We have recently inaugurated a building which houses our offices and a modern laboratory equipped with the latest technology so that we can carry out all kinds of quality control analyses.

We can count on over 50,000 tons per year of quality produce from our own fields and associated fields by means of the system of integration so as to meet the requirements of the most demanding markets.

After over 50 years of growth and expansion all over the country we are now initiating a new stage in the form of the internationalisation and presence on foreign markets of our company.

Fulfilling our agreements since 1969