After over 50 years of growth and consolidation as suppliers of the main grain clients on the Argentine national market, this year (2020) we are beginning a new stage with the internationalisation of our company.

The aim of this new stage is therefore the internationalisation of our company with the aim of reaching clients on foreign international markets.

We initiate this new cycle with excitement and responsibility and intend to stamp our own seal of identity of direct personal dealing with our clients as we always have done for three generations.

In order to implement the above we have made some changes and adaptations such as:

  • The creation of a sales department with its headquarters in Europe (Spain) so as to have direct access to all our potential clients worldwide.
  • The launching of a new corporate image of our company to include new distinctive symbols and a new website, albeit maintaining our local touch.

We hope to continue to count on the confidence we have consolidated over so many years with our clients, suppliers, and friends and that the big family we are at Permingeat continues to increase with all of you.

From now on we will use this channel to give you punctually our news and anything else that may be of interest to you.