Quality and commitment


Our annual production, which exceeds 50,000 tons, comes in its totality from our fields in the cereal province of Santa Fe in Argentina.

Our fields are characterised by clayey soils with an alkaline pH and excellent drainage in an area with a climate and hydrometry that are ideal for the cultivating of cereals and oil products.

Our crops are subject to strict production controls carried out by our own agricultural engineers and field technicians based on best agricultural practices in which respect for the environment prevails.

The combination of all that explained above together with work well done and respect for our own internal production rules has meant that for over five decades we have been one of the leading Argentine companies in the agricultural sector with among the best quality grain on the market.

The company holds the 2BS Association international certificate which recognises its concern for the environment and shows that all our crops are a product of respectful and sustainable agriculture.

All our crops and products are subjected to permanent monitoring with continuous analyses being carried out in our installations, which include a modern laboratory with the latest quality control technology. Moreover, our technical personnel are always in the vanguard of research so as to apply the best agricultural practices and techniques on the market.

It should be stressed that the company is inscribed on the National Register of Exporters of cereals and oil products.

Finally we emphasise the commitment of the company, which since 1969 has undertaken to provide its clients with products offering the best value for money on the market. We always fulfil the commitments acquired and this means we justify our slogan: “keeping our word”.

Cereals and grains from Argentina